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If Popular Science can, so can I. If you have something interesting to tell me, do email me at Because I really do love a good discussion and chat. I don’t always enjoy trolls, even if some are cute.

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Satya Nadella is right. That’s how we think. We are wrong, we ought not to.

Hey, let’s all bash up Satya Nadella… but first, how many of you women demand equal pay or a well-deserved pay rise? How many of us speak about money and scales with our employers? I work in a country where I pay a double

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Twenty years in the making, my trampoline is ready… let the adventure begin

First things first, setting up my home office. Where the magic happens.

Twenty years of pursuing what I love, and being paid for it. Twenty years of stretching my wings enough to take flights of fancy, and always returning to a comfortable nest. Twenty years of people holding out a safety net, to

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How do working-mums work? Co-opt. Don’t take my word for it though…

Some days, I give the Teddy magical powers to play me, and I escape into my make-believe world of social media.

Every morning the hugs and kisses are hurried as breakfast is made and lunch boxes are packed. And in those rushed minutes are a hundred dos and don’ts for O and N to keep in mind through the day. A few

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Reflecting respect or teaching children to be judgmental?


A young mother in tracks and tees is playing with her little girl. Another abhaya-clad mother enters the frame with her son. The boy lays eyes on the other mother. “Oh, she isn’t reflecting her respect is she? Come on mum, let’s

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Butt out of my skirt and my blouse, please

Originally posted on The Life of Umm:
What’s with women’s clothing? Everyone has an opinion on it. No one judged Steve Jobs on his ill-fitting jeans and boring black turtlenecks. Without exaggeration, I am quite sure my very first memory…

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[REVIEW] Falling in love with Wadjda


Wadjda has a big toothy smile. Her abaya is always dusty. Her sheyla doesn’t ever stay in place. Her converse shoes are scruffy. Her best friend is Abdullah. She yearns for a bicycle. She is 11. And, if you don’t

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[BOOK REVIEW] Weak face, a failure, hierarchal… whom are we talking about?


“With a weak face, hesitant in court, polite in print and courteous in conversation, [he] yet represented the first challenge to European domination in Natal.” If you were to read just that one line, who would spring to mind as

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“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” — Voltaire
The other places I write in…

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