When you think you are, you are…

When you think you are lucky… all around you, every interaction, every relationship, every day of your life becomes a gift from the universe.

While wishing me on my birthday one of my dearest friends said she hoped I would have a spectacular year. But almost all my years for the better part (or the AWARE part) of my life have been spectacular. Eventful. Full of hope and promises.

I can do a great moaning Myrtle, and boy oh boy can I make a tumour out of a pimple! But even in my most abject phases of depression, I don’t think of myself as anything less than lucky.

Learning to be aware…

My childhood is a blur of vying for attention and getting the wrong or unwelcome kind. For that I am grateful, as it gave me time to think, to watch, to read.

Around 12-14 is when I started thinking of ‘myself’. Realising who I was. Thanks to three dear friends (2 of whom are still in my life) and two amazing teachers. Their attention and engagement with me made me aware of who I was. A favour I try and pay forward till date. To make a friend, a stranger, an acquaintance aware of themselves.

In a few weeks I will wrap up an incredible almost-9-year stint with something I helped establish and build. I am childishly excited and thrilled about embarking on the new phase of my career.

More of that in my next post. For now it’s just THANK YOU world!

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Umm Oviya + Nilah = Mother of Oviya + Nilah. Because in the Arab world a woman is first addressed as bint X (daughter of X) and then once she has a son (Y) she is Umm Y. I am not sexist, so don't mind surrendering my identity to my daughters.

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8 comments on “When you think you are, you are…
  1. sindhu says:

    You truly are an inspiring person…

  2. //When you think you are lucky… all around you, every interaction, every relationship, every day of your life becomes a gift from the universe.//

    Love these words!!

    Is it your birthday today? Wish you a very happy birthday Vani!!

    • shyam says:

      It’s always 50-50. Every time I feel sorry for myself because I’m not rich enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not anything enough compared to some people, I try and remember just how much better off I am, in every way that counts, than any number of people around me. It IS easy to be a Moaning Myrtle, though. I do agree with that :)

  3. Deeps says:

    Wish you all the best, Vani, for the new phase of your career!

  4. Kamini says:

    I, too, feel incredibly (almost undeservingly) lucky.
    Good luck and may you always feel like that!

  5. R says:

    Lucky me, I got to read a nice post by a dear friend! :) BTW u deserve all the luck and loads more for the future!

    The R who rarely comments (Wait …is there more than one? ;)

  6. inbavalli says:

    Happy birthday! I too could use some positive thinking. So much easier to grumble.

  7. UmmON says:

    @sindhu: that’s the feeling today?
    @ihm: thanks. it was last month.
    @shyam: more or less the same with me. more 75:15:10(i’m clueless moments)
    @r: hmmm… what would i do without you. remember you need both the negative and postive poles to be fully charged.

    thanks deeps, kamini, inba

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