Hindu moral policing is all beef, no brains

I don’t eat beef (or pork, and keep red meat to a minimum), and encourage my kids not to either. But I don’t stop them.

But not eating beef, somewhere deep within, is not about health alone, it’s also about how I grew up, an indoctrination from birth (I do wear leather, and consume milk products.)

What you won’t catch me doing is hurt someone for their dietary habits or preferences–well, cannibalism is the red line.

So when during the course of an exchange on this issue I replied to a (far-right) tweet that claimed they were representative of 5-10 million (in 5 years) Hindus on the net, I begged to exclude myself from that.

To which I received this barrage below (many of the tweets have been deleted by the source).

Apart from how abusive and pointless these tweets are, my concern is the quality of intellect of those who claim to represent us, ‘the Hindus’. So, is Justice Katju right after all?

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Umm Oviya + Nilah = Mother of Oviya + Nilah. Because in the Arab world a woman is first addressed as bint X (daughter of X) and then once she has a son (Y) she is Umm Y. I am not sexist, so don't mind surrendering my identity to my daughters.

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2 comments on “Hindu moral policing is all beef, no brains
  1. While the quality is lacking, there is no dearth of quantity :\

  2. Anu says:

    Boggles the mind!

    By the way is your header a pix taken in Qatar? It looks more like England.

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