little miss logic

ok, how do i answer her?

Me (31): Stop talking non-stop
Oviya (4): Then why do I have a mouth?
Me: No, I am not buying you any of those toys
Oviya: All mummies buy for their childrens (sic).
Me: No they don’t
Oviya:Then why are they selling it?
Oviya: (pointing to a poster of sexy Arab singer Nancy Ajram) You don’t want to be like her?
Me: No, I am happy the way I am
Oviya: You want to be fat?
Me: Yes, it is nice to be fat. And you like it when I hug you, because of all that fat.
Oviya: oh ok, it’s nice to be fat
Spotting the next big lady, and loud enough for her to hear it —
Oviya: That aunty is also fat and nice is it?
Now you know why kids get hit by their parents!


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