Ok, yet another blog on racism.
Last Thursday I was at a fancy test-drive luncheon to do that my magazine was partnering.
So the who is who of Doha’s rich housewives fraternity were present.
Sticking out three sore thumbs were three Indians. May I add, probably the three most qualified people in that crowd!
One is an architech and journalist, one the asst dean at a bigtime US unviersity and moi, the assoc editor of not 1 but 3 monthlies!
now the looks going around was — what are you three doing here. of course, the housewives got over it quickly enough, but not the organisers. they were smarting.
so I tell myself, there you go again with your racism and persecution complex — and before I could convince myself, the asst dean walks up to me and tells me ‘this place is so racist’.
she, who has been living in the Americas since she was 4… hmm.
the fact is, it is not just the arabs and westerners who are racist. it is the indians, other asians everyone…
the indians think they are far too smart to hobnob with the banglas and nepalis, the nepalis think in each of them lives the reincarnation of the Buddha, the lankans think the filipinos are vague… and it goes on.


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