Knot or the Noose

One of my sisters-in-law is highly accomplished. She did her doctorate from one of the best universities in the US, she is a professor, she is well known in her field, is extremely smart and well-read.
She is also wonderful with her nieces and nephew.
Still, every time someone refers to her, and wants to make a distinction between her and her sister, they say: “The unmarried sis-in-law…”
It annoys me so much, the next time I am going to poke the person in the eye with something pointy, and tell them that she has so much going for and to be identified by, that has nothing to do with her marital status.
Yes, she is 40. Yes, she is unmarried. And yes, most of the time she seems extremely happy. There maybe times that she is not so. But which one of us married ma’ams can claim to be content 100 percent of the time?
I wonder, if it upsets me so much that she is referred to as the ‘unmarried’ daughter/sister/aunt/friend or whatever, how much it should affect her.
Why can’t they just call her the one with a doctorate, the one who is awesome with the kids, the one who is a well known researcher…
What is our obsession with marriage, when most of us who are married can’t stop complaining about our spouses.
Here is the other interesting thing. I notice women making this reference more frequently than the men.
Why is that?


One thought on “Knot or the Noose

  1. Blogeswari says:

    UMM OVI – that is soooooo true.. it annoys me like crazy when junta here says “paavam .. she is single.. ” what’s so paavam i wonder..
    ////But which one of us married ma’ams can claim to be content 100 percent of the time?////
    True.. so true… 🙂

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