Here and Now

you know how people go on about music no longer being what it used to be? gone are the days of x, y or z…
i am not so sure about that.
Illayaraja, ARR, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal — Class acts. No arguments there!
and that holds good for authors as well. i am a HUGE fan of the classics, give me a Dickens, a comfortable bed and some coffee, and you have made my day.
but great writers are there amongst the living too. Ann Patchett, Murakami, Mistry
For every Chris Plummer there is a George Clooney.
For every Gandhi, there is a Mandela.
Amongst the living, as the dead, there are class acts. There are people who are inspirations… people who make a difference to the world. With their voices, their words, their actions, their looks (sigh! brad pitt!).
we just need to appreciate the present a lot more. Not dwell on the past or brood about the future so much, that we totally lose the most important moment of all. Now. Here.
ps: and while on the subject — stop fantasising about the ex and the could-be, and embrace him, while he is still next to you 🙂


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