not peeing, just standing

everytime i see men standing by the roadside, i hold my breathalmost a reflex action. Then I realise, they are just standingnot peeing! And this is Doha, not Chennai… It is difficult to get Chennai out of your psyche.
Same goes when I see people squatting on the road. They are only squattingnothing more!
Chennai, singara Chennaihmm, if only people didn‘t make a public spectacle of their crapping and peeing.


One thought on “not peeing, just standing

  1. Teesu says:

    The other day I saw someone peeing — in front of a school! Now, i understand when you are far away from home, etc and there are not many easily accessible public toilets…still. Choose your place of pee carefully, people! A coincidence is that I wanted to blog about public pissers but you got there first!:)Will do it anyway.

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