I’ve been wondering if one phase of your life or one year is ever more important than the rest… isn’t it like saying, the rest of my life was not so great…
anyways, dwelling on that, realised that there just maybe phases in your life, where a lot of things seem to happen. For me it was 1999. More specifically, my 25th year.
It was a year full of firsts or mosts or news… and in no particular order, but what memory dictates
1. i covered an election campaign in the districts, trailed Amma
2. i travelled to the North East again
3. i got married
4. i stayed away from my home (parents’) for the first time, when I went to the Film Inst in Pune for a month.
5. i left Madras and moved to Doha
6. i lost my virginity (am a good indian girl and waited to get married)
7. i went abroad for the first time
8. got my passport
9. switched tracks in my career and worked on the desk at GT
10. for the first time, truly hated my job and office
11. Touched 75kgs for the first time
12. Cooked a full meal for the first time ever
13. Set my first home
14. Learned that being sexy was not about looks but attitude
15. realised that marriage is a lot of hardwork!
16. India lost the world cup
17. almost had a ******* (censored), but better sense prevailed
18. for the first, only and last time was invited to an orgy at the film inst hostel…
19. almost tried pot but chickened out…
20. for the first time (and last) ever, ran from an eve teaser instead of standing and fighting because i was in a strange country, and didn’t know the language. still ashamed of the coward i was… and for not kicking him in his balls.


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