why i don’t like the praying type

of all the religious type, the ones who spend hours praying are the ones who annoy me the most.
somehow, they feel the hours they put in praying absolves them from all their responsibility.
that they don’t ever have to give or help or think about those who are not so privileged. the PRAYER assumes that his hours of praying (hours that have made no good difference in anyone’s lives) don’t oblige him to be a good citizen.
i know people who make it a virtue of wearing off their knees and foreheads in genuflection; but ask them to give 5 minutes of their time or 10 bucks of their earning for a good cause? their worn knees will carry them quicker out of your reach, than Flo Jo!
i am sure those prayers are mainly demands… for more and more. for self and family.
why not a word thrown in for say world peace, the Dalai Lama returning to Tibet, that their underpaid and overworked servant manages to get more money out of their stingy hands?


2 thoughts on “why i don’t like the praying type

  1. Teesu says:

    You do not like the praying type?general? Or do u not like the type that ONLY prays but does nothing for his fellow human beings at alllll or, is a basically nasty person who prays?Cos I pray…;)

  2. umm oviya says:

    i only like the type who prays without bothering anyone else, and doesn’t make a big deal of it. ALL of us pray. we just have different ways of doing it.

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