chirp, chirp, sob, sob

for as long as i can remember we’d had a sparrow nest at home. behind a large black and white photograph of my father, taken on his graduation day.
we used to be extra sensitive to the needs of the nesting birds. if they were in a particularly playful or outgoing mood, we would switch off the fan, fearing an injury.
chirp, chirp, chirp… the entire afternoon.
luckily for us, our house cooled easily with the gentle breeze of the coconut and neem trees.
the birds created a bit of a mess now and then. dropping straws from the nest, or just dropping…
once in a rare while, something as sad as an egg falling off the nest, terminating the hope of a young chick.
everytime we had to paint the drawing room, great effort was taken not to disturb the nest. it was an honour to have these guests.
these are the common sparrows I talk about… or at least they used to be. white breasted birds with shades of brown on their body/wings.
but in the last several years, the nest disappeared and i rarely spot a bird inside the house, when i visit.
and yesterday i read a report in Outlook — the birds are fighting for survival… just about every kind of development goes against them. mobile towers, construction, lack of worms (pesticide use), de-greening.
chirp, chirp… i can hear them sob.


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