Moi, Ana, I, Naan, Mein

I took it from here.
I am: Looking Forward
I think: Way too much
I know: Way too little
I want: Just a bit and a little more
I have: Just enough
I wish: Some things would change quickly
I miss: … weirdly, no one at the moment. I have my daughter and husband by me. So am content.
I fear: People. Really fear the vileness and sheer cruelty of people.
I feel: Terribly upset when I see discrimination. And I see a lot of it here.
I smell: Real awful in the morning.
I search: for hidden motives, when someone is overly nice to me.
I wonder: what people will stop at for money and power.
I regret: Quite a few of my decisions. But you live and learn.
I love: Only one person (as of now) unconditionally, and to the point of desperation. And she doesn’t even know it.
I ache: In my finger joints.
I care: for equality.
I am not: A worshipper… but
I believe: In fate and destiny. And KARMA.
I dance: Surprisingly gracefully.
I sing: Very badly, and very rarely.
I cry : When I am ANGRY
I don’t always : Think a tantrum through. I just throw it.
I fight : fair and square
I write: less than I’d like to
I win: very rarely
I lose: way too badly
I never: can stick to a weight loss program
I always: think of doing great things. And then drop off to sleep
I confuse: not too often
I listen: to people when they talk. I am a good listener.
I can usually be found: with a book, messy hair, in bed.
I am scared: of lizards. And hurting people.
I need: a lot of attention
I am happy about: The human being I am. It’s the characters that I play that bother me.


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