Weekend Wordsmith-I: Don’t touch

Don’t touch (the glass), it will break
Don’t touch (the hot plate), you will be hurt
Don’t touch (the computer), it’s mine
Don’t touch (that crystal in the shop), we can’t afford it
Don’t touch (the apple crumble), it will go straight to your hips
Don’t touch (me), i have a headache
Don’t touch…
A life of don’ts. don’t touch, don’t this, don’t that…
the foundation we lay for your children to grow up ‘don’t-ing’ all their life.

Prompt from this


5 thoughts on “Weekend Wordsmith-I: Don’t touch

  1. Bonnie Jacobs says:

    Welcome to Weekend Wordsmith. I’m posting your link right now. I like your blog, so I’m sure I’ll be back.

  2. White Rose says:

    Oh I really liked this! We become so programmed not to take chances, to cocoon ourselves in safe little worlds.

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