whoopie breast exam

Watching The View today, I spent about 5 minutes examining Whoopie Goldberg’s breasts.
Whoa, hold on. I don’t swing that way, though I love Whoopie.

What I was trying to do was, point out the existence of her breasts to my 6-year-old O.

This is what happened: She kept staring at Whoopie and then asked me if it was a man or a woman.

I was surprised she even had a doubt. “Woman,” I said.

“But she doesn’t have the bump like other women. Like you.”

“That’s because some have it smaller than the rest. And she is wearing a loose shirt.”

“Even then, there is that line on the bump (cleavage, I guess, is what she meant)… see the other women all have that line.”

And yes, all the other women were showing cleavage. And I was showing mine too, in my loose house coat.

To her Whoopie as a woman didn’t seem appealing, because she didn’t show off her ‘bump’.

I know I have a long road ahead of me, to explain to her that that’s not what femininity is all about. And that it doesn’t have to be on display.

I have started by asking her not to call it the ‘bump’, but ‘breasts’.

That was an easy one…

The rest of the ride is going to be ‘bumpy’!


One thought on “whoopie breast exam

  1. Teesu says:

    I like Whoopi too. But I thought she is quite bumpy only;) Anyways…good point. Kids today i feel are really too smart — they even seem to know which questions NOt to ask sometimes…am sure you my have observed this too!

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