Too many thoughts whirling through my mind…

…and not all of them very clear or cohesive. So I am just going to post something that is really worth a read.

MadMomma wrote this.

Meanwhile, Ammani had commented on a previous post that “we would all be better off if we had fewer religions and frankly, a little less of God.” Yes, I agree.

And she also said: “They are not discussions but people merely putting forth ideas that they are already convinced of. I do not for a minute believe that anyone concerned would’ve changed their views one bit. It is merely an exercise in vain.”

This I can’t agree with. These ARE discussions. And if it has a positive impact on at least one person, it is not an exercise in vain. We are not born with our prejudices and opinions; that comes only with experience and discussion…

As I said, I am muddling through a zillion thoughts, a lot of which makes me terribly queasy and uncomfortable… I am also ‘overthinking’ this. In bed, while driving, at work, sometimes even when I am reading a book… I am worried about a lot that is happening around me and within me.

So when I can think of this soberly and with a little less emotion, I will put down my thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Too many thoughts whirling through my mind…

  1. the mad momma says:

    i agree with you Umm…

    these ARE discussions. the last sane place on earth where people with different view points can meet and talk….

  2. Shyam says:

    Actually I have to agree with Ammani… it might be a discussion, but it’s a discussion of opinions pretty well set. An exchange of ideas, but not really changing anybody’s convictions. I’ve read the comments and counter-comments (on various blogs) and that’s what it seems like to me.

    Not to say that all those opinions arent interesting, though…

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