Listless without a list

If anything must be done, it HAS to be listed!
I can’t quite figure out when this became a habit, a compulsion, a dependency.
I can put a dozen reminders on my mobile; Red flag every mail on outlook; Have all my colleagues remind me of a task; Place post-its on my desk… still the work is likely to remain pending.
But the minute I list them in my little book (a blue one at present), under the date it needs to be accomplished on, the work is done.

No bullets or stars here, it has to be numbered. It gives me a sense of purpose.
So I know that, say today, I have 8 things to finish. And I will go through them one after the other, scoring out with great relish the tasks that are complete.
Once I list tasks in my book, they take priority over every other distraction. I won’t even login to the blog or facebook (my other obsessions) till I am done with the list.

Since I can’t freely pass my blue book around, I have excel sheets for every eventuality and task at work, for the team.
Magazine schedules, weekly schedules, daily schedules… my excel buddy helps me out.
At home I have a little brown book in which I list my personal tasks. Shopping lists, wish lists, to call lists.

I am obsessed with my lists.

Humour me (I’m pregnant!)… how do you get your tasks done? You just remember them (yeah, very smart of you), put reminders on your mobile, post-its, or you have a secretary who does your work for you?


4 thoughts on “Listless without a list

  1. Shyam says:

    I usually remember them 🙂 But sometimes I make a basic list for “must-do-or-die” items.

    Excel sheets, though??!! Good grief! Seriously impressed!

  2. Blogeswari says:

    At home its Post-its !!
    In all shapes and sizes!
    Reminders all over the house

    Call plumber
    Meet architect
    Buy CD
    FINISH WORK (AABEES , what else!)

    Ofcourse Post-its are of great help to write these :

    ‘Switch off microwave main switch when not in use’

    ‘Close aquaguard knob after use’

    [The above are NOT for my purushan… for you-know-who]

  3. umm oviya says:

    s: i am going to do handwriting prompt sep… this can’t be it.
    b: good idea. i am going to put up ‘close tap’, ‘put away shoes’

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