The Ungreen Thumb

I have the opposite of a green thumb, and though I have gotten over the initial desperation, something still pricks (and it ain’t a thorn in my rose bush!).
I have even managed to kill a potted cactus (and I live in a desert!).
My mum, mil, sister are all fantastic gardners, and can grow just about anything. But me? A green tragedy.
And I get terribly jealous when I see other bloggers like Shyam and MG boast about their gardens, i want to do a ‘me too’ post.

A few months ago I bought a ‘money plant’ for O’s school project. Supposed to be the easiest plant to grow.
I wish I could say it now looks like this:

Despite me staying away from it and R & O tending to it, it now looks like this:

O refuses to get rid of it, and waters it, in the hope that it will come back to life!

To make up for my ‘brown’ thumb & deadly vibes, I make do with these (sigh!)…


4 thoughts on “The Ungreen Thumb

  1. wordjunkie says:

    Hi, have been reading your blog for a while, and am delurking to commiserate with a fellow plant killer :0) We’ve actually painted flowers onto the wall on the balcony, to distract from the barren pots lying below.
    Really enjoy your writing.

  2. Sonia says:

    The trick is to “spray” water on the leaves and the soil twice a day. Those bottles which hair hair dressers use, or empty window cleaner solution bottles will do well;) The plant will feel good, more at home in this desert. And light….you have plenty of light at home..and dont keep it in the balcony!
    I have a money plant with 3 leaves in all- I will not let it die:)And a stalk I grow in water and a bamboo plant which I love most. No space for more in my tiny house, though Id love to, because then we’d have to move out!

  3. umm oviya says:

    sonia, i’m too scared to buy another plant and try the water-spray method. maybe after i return from india in april.

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