Have you seen this?

Today, at lunch, I sobbed and snorted and almost choked on my food. I was surfing channels during the ad break of the 2nd ODI telecast and stumbled upon something called Colors TV channel. What caught my attention was the Hum Paanch tomboy character in traditional garb. So I decided to watch it. Turned out to be a serial called Balika Vadhu, about a child bride. The scene that I chanced upon was where the child bride is being sent away to her marital home. The exchange between the mother who understands everything and the child who doesn’t was so overwhelming.
Now, I am not the weepy kind. I don’t cry watching movies or reading a book. I would wet my lashes a wee bit now and then, but nothing more.
Maybe my hormones, or just maybe the serial. That scene got me going, and then when the child realises that she was going away, and it was no more just fun and games, I let loose. Fortunately, I was alone at home, and could snort and sob to my heart’s content.
And as all net-addicts do, I googled the serial, and voila! Old news. The serial has been a hit for a long time now. And I know about it only now. I usually skip Hindi serials. But this was so well shot, and the acting was fantastic. I could recognise ‘Kajal bhai’ and Surekha Sikri. The little girl was awesome too…
Next step is to hit YouTube for more episodes.
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3 thoughts on “Have you seen this?

  1. Deeps says:

    Oh yes,I’ve watched the serial..although I lost track of the story after coming to doha…its a beautiful serial,isnt it??I love the relationship that the balika-badhu(forgot her screen name) and’jagdeeshiya’ share..
    The little girl’s eyes are so full of mischief,I just feel like giving her a tight hug!
    A very thought-provoking serial,unlike the typical saas-bahu sagas!

  2. Blogeswari says:


    Balika Vadhu is the # show across GECs – When Colors launched there was absolutely no publicity for Balika Vadhu . Its popularity is purely thru word of mouth.

    And oh ya, Balika Vadhu is one of the main reasons for Kyunki saas bhi going off air.

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