The Mommy Tag: 5 things I…

Ammani tagged me on this a long time ago. I am supposed to list the 5 things I love about being a mother.


And every time I thought I was done with 5, I would come up with something else that begged to be added to the list. 

Being a mother is about the smallest, simplest joys. 


Let me instead list the 5 things that make being mommy tough.

The 5 things that make me wonder why I am even thinking of having a third (and if R reads this, he may volunteer for the snip!).


1. That every indiscipline and every tantrum is a reflection on you as the mother.


2. That you can’t ask them to just ‘shut it’ without being overcome by guilt.


3. That you can’t just whack them every now and then, without being called a maniac.


4. That you not only have to be nice to their teachers, but also to their friends and their parents. However, undeserving they maybe.


5. They grow up all too quickly…

ETA: And I forget. I tag Reflections, IMeMyself, Teesu (also tagged by Ammani, wake up!), Inbavalli, and everyone else who wishes to do this. If you don’t have a blog, tag yourself in the comment section and that is for you guys Renu, Sangi, Mythili, Vinu…

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