Discovery of the Month, June

I was presumptuous enough to call it My Very Own Award. I will call it Discovery of the Month from now on.

So I went blog surfing again. Not even friends’ friends… but absolute strangers. I stumbled upon some fantastic blogs.

I wasn’t quite able to make up mind. Decided on PreciousRock, because she speaks of one of my greatest fears. Extremely candid, funny and informative. Check out her blogroll as well.

Now to the tag business again.

Choose a blog, but let it not be by an Indian or of Indian origin.

Widen your net, surf deeper, find something interesting.

Inbavalli & Shyam, thanks for obliging last month. Hope you will do it again. Teesu & Blogeswari, wake up and indulge me please.

Reflections, Deeps, & IMeMyself, consider yourself tagged.

CoconutChutney(whom Inbavalli chose last month) and ScaryDuck (Shyam’s choice) if you by any freaky chance come across this, pass on the favour.

Both these blogs are VERY funny, and worth a read.

Open tag to everyone, just drop a line giving the details of the blog you’ve discovered.

3 thoughts on “Discovery of the Month, June

  1. Deeps says:

    hey,on my way to reading up preciousrock.Just dropped by to tell you my lull seems to be over for now:).Do drop by as and when you can squeeze some time out of playing scrabble!
    Thanx for tagging.will do it soon.

  2. Kim Jong-Il says:

    I would like to complain about that link you provided for ScaryDuck. He has his facts totally wrong and is not as funny as he used to be.



    • UmmON says:

      as long as scaryduck is not plagiarising, everything else is fine. this is a blog, not a news portal, so i guess he can lie through our teeth or be totally unreadable, doesn’t matter. as long as the spin is all yours.

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