The Monkey is Drunk Again… and Wanders…

 Paneer and Men on My Mind

Cheesy deals

Cheesy deals

Today I complete 14 years of vegetarianism. And I am getting bored. Especially here. How many paneer tikkas and dals, salads and mashed potatoes can a person have?

I still am not tempted by red/white meat or fish. If I had a good spread of vegetarian food, I would choose that over the dead animals ANY DAY.

With no great interest in cooking, we eat out a lot. This can be tough in this vegetarian-unfriendly environment.

The only decent veg stuff you get seems to be paneer, cheese and more varieties of cheese. No wonder weekends are a fart-feast! Yucks!

So I wonder if I should become a Flexitarian. Will make life easier all around.




I love cricket. But that ass Harsha Bhogle is spoiling it for me. Can’t he just SHUT UP? How the bloody hell does he get his contract. He is boring, has no sense of humour, is no cricketer and doesn’t even look good. Here is one of the many prized inanities he comes up with: “Where is it? Go find it, if you can.” — after a six that went far.

If it’s not something this stupid, then it’s stuff like “x is running towards the non-striker’s end, or y is scratching his b****” – has anyone told him this is TV commentary, not radio?

And his voice? Like fingernails on chalkboard! Grrrr!

Rhyme & Ready

Rhyme & Ready

Give me back Siddhu any day. At least he rhymes his nonsense, and is a natty dresser. Also, it’s not often that you get to listen to a well-read, well-dressed murderer.


I AM a Male Chauvinist Piggess. I would be ‘ok’ with a Sharapova or Hingis breaking down and sobbing. But when Fedex did it I found it rather pansy-ish.

Don't cry for me...

Don't cry for me...

Yeah, in general I am uncomfortable with people weeping in public, male or female.

Tears in the face of tragedy or great humour is ok, but because you lost? Or because things are not going your way? Please, that has to stop when you are 8 or thereabouts.

Just hope he wins tomorrow, not because I am a great fan or anything, but because I don’t want to watch a great sportsman make a joke of himself, and act like a bad sport.


Mushy about Shashi

Mushy about Shashi

Now here is another man who confuses me. Good looking, super achiever, amazingly talented, superb writer, won an election in Mallu-land without speaking the tongue. Is he ALSO straight? If yes, how come more of his kind is missing?


Creepy Singh, with the annoying B family

Creepy Singh, with the annoying B family

Here is a creepy specimen. Amar Singh. Is he living in a bubble? Is there no one to tell him that he is downright obnoxious? His pals A the Ambani and A the Bachchan all seem quite intelligent, if not nice, so where does he get his advice from?



Would Dhoni or SRK be appealing if they weren’t successful? Money and fame is what gives men theirsrk good looks. Otherwise most of them are pretty ordinary.

Of course it doesn’t hold good for EVERYBODY. Salman still looks like the rat’s ass.  Let’s just say, fame, money and a bit of charisma equals hotness!


4 thoughts on “The Monkey is Drunk Again… and Wanders…

  1. Sindhu says:

    Good ones….On Tharoor, is he a Mallu, for sure?Too good to be true! And Amar Singh, I have creeps about him and my dirty mind conjures up a lot when I see him hovering around the B family!But Siddhu yukky, his humour…and his laugh is revolting….

  2. Deeps says:

    Take the NV plunge,Umm.You’d know then life is so much more worthwhile;))
    And Harsha Bhogle has started to get onto my nerves too.I used to admire him a lot but now he just blabbers.And Shashi Tharoor…oooooh!
    As for Federer,you know very well what he means to me dont you???I found him even more appealing when he cried at the Australian Open!
    I hope he does win this year!

  3. Solilo says:

    Tharoor did win elections by charming everyone with his Malayalam. Well! it is Malayalam to me because I have almost similar accent. Samsarikkumbol manasilayaal pore? Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..

    Have you watched this video?

    No I haven’t seen it. Though I am not a mallu, can identify and bad accent when I hear one 🙂

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