Could it be genetic?

Editing jeans genes?

O is reading a particularly badly edited book on Hanuman. It is from Tiny Tot Publishing, India, that consistently produces bad stuff. I don’t buy those books, but she gets it as gifts and refuses to part with it.

When I told her why I didn’t want her to read the book, she gave me a ‘eureka’ smile and restarted her reading with pencil in hand.

Then this is what she does, telling me, “I will correct the mistakes.”  **check second line**


Vain spelt differently is my name, after all. So let me continue… just 7 and already able to identify errors and correct them, let me please gloat a bit. 

In fact, she is constantly spotting errors in my grocery list, quick notes, her school book…

If I had been in politics, she would already be my next in command!

For those of you looking at good Indian publications for children, do check out Tulika and Tara. Very neat stuff. And if you know of any, please recommend.

Footnote: Check out my ‘sites to surf’ for more nepotism


3 thoughts on “Could it be genetic?

  1. imemyself says:

    genetic indeed… i know of a 13-year-old who has a naturla flair for writing, scores very well in English without much effort…
    CBT is another publishing house that is worth checking… i used to buy loads of them some years back.

  2. Sindhu says:

    She is following her mother’s footsteps for sure! With all the reading she does…it is but natural, for her and for you to be proud too!

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