tell me more, tell me more!

I lifted this tag from here, because it was just too cute.

Below is a list of questions you pose to your child. Mine is 7+ and knows already how to answer to please her mother.

All the same I decide to do it.

Umm: O, will you answer some questions?

O: Why?

Umm: For fun. Just like that. Ok?

O: Ok, now?

Umm: While you are having dinner, we will do this…

 Here goes the dialogue…

 What is something I always say to you?

 Don’t talk while eating



What makes me happy?

Me being good. Studying well. Listening to you


What makes me sad?

When I don’t listen to you

**”Why are you typing all this. Tell me why?” Just. “Just why?” You want to answer or not? “Yes.”**

 How do I make you laugh?

When you do funny things”



Tickling me or telling a joke.


What do you think I was like as a child?

Listen to ammamma, never fight with your sisters, your sisters took care of you, and you helped ammamma

**None of which is TRUE, but I am not telling her that**


How old am I?



How tall am I?

I don’t know


What is my favourite thing to do?

To read


What do I do when you’re not around?

You read and sleep

**more of the latter**


If I become famous, what will it be for?

Sing well, draw well

**Those are her dreams, not mine. Talk about filial pressure**


What am I really good at?

Taking care of me, appa and baby

**The girl sure does know how to flatter; survivor is all i say.**





What am I not really good at?


**Oh how do I ensure that this continues thru’ her teens?**


What is my job?

To make magazines and you are a journalist


What is my favourite food?



What makes you proud of me?

Because you make me laugh and play with me. And you cook well.

**She is appreciative of everything I cook. Be it Maggi or boiled eggs**


What makes me proud of you?

Reading well and taking care of the baby


What do you and I do together?

We play Scrabble sometimes, we joke, we read together


How are we the same?

We both are girls. You wear earrings and I wear earrings. Always.


How are you and I different?

I am not a grown up. You are. I don’t have short hair, you have.  I don’t wear lipstick, you do. You wear glasses, I don’t.


How do you know that I love you?

You cook, play, joke…

**Now she is just making me feel guilty about not cooking**


What is one thing you wish you could change about me?




What do you wish you could go and do with me?

Fun city, Jungle Zone, and Café Ceramique.

**CC is my favourite too**

**Reading along as I write, and jumping on the smiley. “How did you get the smiley? Why are you writing this? What does it mean? Who asked you to write this? What? When? Why?…”**

 Gets upset that i am writing these too, so i score it out.

Boy, am I glad this is not a tag on the child asking you questions.

Maybe I should try it with N. I won’t get answers, but won’t be bombarded with questions either.


And I tag: Teesu, Ammani, UK, Sangi, Sindhu, IMeMyself, Deeps, Inbavalli, Solilo, Wordjunkie and anyone else who cares to do it.


8 thoughts on “tell me more, tell me more!

  1. Deeps says:

    U know,V..I’m laughing hysterically here after reading this tag.Namnam is sleeping R is away so I’m not even consious that they might think I’ve lost it! =))

    I loved every bit of it.especially those after thoughts!

    “What do you think I was like as a child?

    Listen to ammamma, never fight with your sisters, your sisters took care of you, and you helped ammamma”
    seriously,umm,this is what u’ve told her all along??your sisters taking care of you part is fine.but the rest,are they really true?why do I get a feeling whenever I meet you then that you must hve been one brat when small?? 😀

    I did fight with my sisters a little, and didn’t go too much against my mum’s wishes. Deeps, I wasn’t a brat at all. I was just a little spoilt, but was quite afraid of my dad and my sisters, so behaved myself by and large 🙂

  2. Ren says:

    Nice one. Really enjoyed it! Am going to try it with my kids! So what did u feed her while she was answering, that she came out with all this fab stuff!!

    chicken nuggets and time on computer before that. works like magic doesn’t it!

  3. rekha says:

    hI Ummon,
    I came to your blog through Deepti’s , I must say its really good. Some how I am able to identify a lot with you, I also have two daughters, one 7 years and the second one 1and half years old. Though I am not a journalist, I aspired to be one, was desperate to be one, infact completed the basic qualification (I personally feel its not the qualification , it is the spark) to complete the same but then destiny had other things in store. Infact I have seen your blogs on many topics on which I also strongly feel about. Its great to read ur blogs…

    I have also started blogging recently , I stand nowhere near you veterans, do go through my blog and tell me how is it.

    thanks for your time

    New Delhi

    Hi, welcome over. Will def pop in to your blog.

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