Romance is all that Doha needs♥

After 10 years in Doha, I know exactly what the city needs to make it a happier place.

None of the craved for achievements — tallest, largest, first, biggest, most vulgar, most obnoxious – will accomplish what a little bit of ROMANCE could.

♥If ever there were a place that desperately needed a heavy dose of romance, it’s this♥

Lust there is aplenty.

But there is a huge vacuum where simple, innocent romance should be.

I’ve worked here for 8 years – longer than I have in India – but what makes this experience less memorable/interesting is the lack of romance.

I’m very nostalgic about workplace romances (not flings). Not only because I enjoyed it, but also because I’ve seen other relationships at work. It brings relief to the monotony of a job. It brings excitement to a daily routine. It makes people nicer and more agreeable.

And nicer and more agreeable folks are what we need here.

  • Maybe if the mean, rude women we see in the souqs were not objects of lust, but a subject of romance, they would smile more, be more cheerful…
  • If the lecherous men had a love-interest, a muse, they would be less aggressive and less frustrated…
  • Maybe a bit more romance would mean a lot less pointless, desperate Bluetooth messaging in public places…

Romance is ALL we need…


…apart from the fancy car in the garage and the petrobucks in the bank.


4 thoughts on “Romance is all that Doha needs♥

      • see here! says:

        Nice thoughts V. Seriously Doha is a laggard. Just came across an old friend who got married to a colleague whom he met, married and is living in Dubai…guess the UAE is not as bad.

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