a secret heaven for stationery?

I wonder, as I walk the stationery aisle of the supermarket to replenish O’s school stuff for the nth time this term…

Is there a heaven, or some such place, where pencils, erasers, rulers and sharpeners escape to from school?
And does that ‘heaven’ only permit entry to stationery in good condition?
How else do we explain the disappearance of good stationery day after day, while chewed up pencils, blunt sharpeners, used up erasers and scratched rulers find their way home?


4 thoughts on “a secret heaven for stationery?

  1. Solilo says:

    Ha..ha..ha.. reminded me of my brother who always brought home chewed up pencils and cheap fountain pen and lost the good ones.

  2. Inba says:

    The blessed new pencils and erasers always develop limbs and minds and CHOOSE to go by themselves – our kids have nothing to do with their loss.

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