A-Z, cos I am listless

Sometimes, nothing keeps my attention. So what do I do then? I tag myself.


– Available: For What?
– Age: 35
– Annoyance: Slurping beverages and loud chewing of food
– Animal: Am one, only sometimes


– Beer: With 7Up
– Birthday/Birthplace: Jan 26/Madras
– Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes
– Best feeling in the world: Hugs, and at the cost of sounding fake and like a weirdo — breastfeeding
– Blind or Deaf: Deaf, definitely
– Best weather: Rain by the beachside
– Been in Love: YES
– Been on stage?: Yes, quite a few times. Different stages
– Believe in yourself?: All the time. Wouldn’t survive otherwise
– Believe in life on other planets: Yes
– Believe in miracles: Yes, but recognise it only in hindsight
– Believe in Magic: A huge Harry Potter fan
– Believe in God: Not in the GOD that shapes religions. But do believe in a personal GOD, known and understood only by me


– Car: Civic&Prado
– Candy: Not too fond of it
– Color: Orange&Red.
– Cried in school: Yes. Cried even in college. I draw the line at crying at work
– Chocolate/Vanilla: Butterscotch
– Country to visit: Too many to list

– Day or Night: Night
– Danced: OFTEN and love to
– Dance in the rain?: Yes, my favourite kind of dance. In fact, am game for anything in the rain
– Do the splits?: Once upon a time, long, long ago


– Eggs: Masala egg and omlettes.
– Eyes: Kind
– Everyone has: to have at least one person who will love them as they are, come what may


– First crush: When I was in class 8, on a neighbour
– First thoughts waking up: 10 minutes more pleeeeeaaaaseee
– Food: Filter coffee and idli-chutney
– Greatest Fear: Losing my loved ones… physically and emotionally
– Giver or taker: Giver with friends, taker with family
– Goals: A general one… just to get by without hurting people, even if I can’t help them
– Get along with your parent(s)?: Yes with one, no with the other


– Hair Colour: Black and dyed deep brown to cover the greys.
– Height: 157cms
– Happy: When I am not thinking, all the time
– How do you want to die: Doing something exciting, and having done almost all that I wish to
– Health freak?: Healthy freak more like
– Hate: Super-ambitious parents who screw up their children, apart from a 1000 other things


– Ice Cream: Kulfi
– Instrument: Of torture or pleasure?


– Jewelry: Chunky beads and silver. Delicate gold and pearls
– Job: Love what I do


– Kids: Love them, and feel I would be better with mine if I didn’t have to be a parent too
– Kickboxing or karate: Kissing
– Keep a journal?: Yes

– Love: Books, rain, my friends, massages…
– Laughed so hard you cried: Oh so often
– Love at first sight: No such luck


– Mooned anyone?: Never say never. There is time enough to get senile and have fun
– Marriage: No bed of roses
– Motion sickness?: Give me a windy mountain road, I will give you a bucketful of puke


– Number of Siblings: 3
– Number of Piercings: 4


– One wish: That money didn’t play such an important role in how people are treated


– Place you’d like to live: By the beach in winter and in the hills in summer.
– Perfect Pizza: With baby corn, mushrooms, capsicum and jalapenos
– Pepsi/Coke: Neither


– Questionnaires: Getting obsessed with it really


– Reason to cry: When someone lets me down or when I am angry and helpless
– Reality T.V: What’s that?
– Roll your tongue in a circle: Why? Can’t.


– Song: On a jet plane, Denver.
– Shoe size: 39
– Slept outside: Yes
– Seen a dead body? Yes
– Smoked?: Yeah. Like it way too much, so am extra careful not to do it often
– Skinny dipped?: Yes
– Shower daily?: Quite water-conscious, so use a bucket and mug OFTEN
– Sing well?: Sadly, no
– In the shower?: No
– Swear?: Not much since kids happened
– Stuffed Animals?: A few
– Single/Group dates: Depends on the company
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Not a very berry person
– Scientists need to invent: Or scientists just need to stop meddling with nature so much


– Time for bed: Depends on the kind of day I’ve had
– Thunderstorms: Books, tea and spicy fritters
– TV: FRIENDS, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy.
– Touch your tongue to your nose: No


– Unpredictable: I can be at work. Not with friends. Sometimes with family.


– Vegetable you hate: Bitter gourd
– Vegetable you love: Potato, okra, brinjal
– Vacation spot: Knysna


– Weakness: Food & sleep
– When you grow up: I want to stop growing. Sideways at least.
– Worst feeling: Feeling lonely
– Wanted to be a model?:  🙂
– Where do we go when we die: Hopefully, my organs into another human being, and the rest of me to dust
Worst weather: Muggy and humid or extremely cold


-X-Rays: Love them, as it’s proof of bones under the layers of whatever


-Year it is now: 2009
– Yellow: Looks lovely on a very few people


– Zoo animal: Don’t feel too good about zoos
– Zodiac sign: Aquarius



And I hereby tag teesu, blogeswari, hastobeme, inba, ra, deeps, sindhu, imemyself, solilo assuming everyone has as much time to kill as i seem to have…

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7 thoughts on “A-Z, cos I am listless

  1. rekha says:

    Hi Ummon,

    I am surprised… this is really something I fail to understand… many of the things which you have written are soo… sooo. like me… just to name a few… Beer with 7UP, Butterscotch, to get up in the morning 10 minutes more… ,One wish: That money didn’t play such an important role in how people are treated.. and many more. I think though you have not tagged me.. I might as well take it up sometimes … and just gape at the similarities…

    take care

  2. Deeps says:

    Great,V…just in my latest post I cribbed about how I was not able to manage my time to multisurf and you’re saying I have time to kill??? 😆

    This sure is good topic for my next post ‘cos I’m devoid of any new ideas at the moment 😀

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