attempts at understanding haiku AND liars

My feeble attempt at haiku AND understanding chronic liars

she lies so often
forgets truth is an option
who is she really?

summer or winter
taking cover under her
uninhibited fibs

that young a liar
must be congenital or
am i being harsh?

ps: due credit to my haiku teacher, my 6-year-old niece. thanks diya darling.
psst: and the season bit is missing in 2 of the 3. that’s ok for beginners i guess.

Or on second thoughts, instead of going all intellectual, should I just go up to her cubicle and chant one of the below inanities

Liar, liar lipstick, born on a broomstick

broomstick broke, liar got a poke


Liar Liar

Pants on Fire


Oh, how I wish I were still in kindergarten, and didn’t HAVE to behave myself.

2 thoughts on “attempts at understanding haiku AND liars

  1. Teesu says:

    Oh my GOD! I was just thinking yesterday that I wanted to blog on the old silly thing ‘liar liar lipstick’ and here it is!!:-) Wow.

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