The Drunken Monkey wants a SUPERPOWER

I know what superpower I WANT.

Even though I am pretty sure it will drive me totally over the edge or unhinge my flailing sanity completely.

I want to be able to see myself from others’ eyes – literally and figuratively.

I want this knowing very well it would screw me up totally.

But isn’t that what makes for a good junkie… for the momentary high and feeling of power you don’t mind messing with your body and soul.


It’s not that I am oblivious to how I am perceived. But having the superpower will at best confirm the doubts or at worst shatter my ego.


So when O sees a disciplining me, does she see a monster head or a mother’s concern?


N sees a vending machine or an obsessive mum?


Do my friends see a trusty friend or a needy one?


When colleagues laugh at my ridiculous jokes, are they merely flattering me or is their humour really that pedestrian?


Is the cordiality an appraisal-ruse or a genuine camaraderie?


And when I am wearing what I consider a good ensemble, are those around me biting down a sarcasm?


When I fake a word of praise, am I found out?


When I pretend honesty, what happens?


What DOES R see?


… the list is endless and grows with every passing minute, every conversation, every exchange.

And it is quite clear why some people are more prone to madness than the rest.


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