If you are on Twitter, take up this challenge.

Write a shortstory of 140characters or less… and tag it with #sss

Come on, get creative, but keep it short!

Here is mine from my tweet:

She hides from both prince & glass slipper. Nursing a twisted ankle, she realises a life of highheeled torture was not really an escape.#sss

Do post your twitter nick here, if you are taking up the challenge and I shall follow you.


2 thoughts on “#SSS=supershortstory

  1. rekha says:

    Hi Ummon,
    I have taken the challenge and it is on my twitter ‘rekhanair’ update tagged with #sss I do not know whether I did it right. Please check up , I am pasting it here incase you are unable to trace it.

    “Rain poured onto a romantic evening both gave into temptation, she was alone to suffer excruciating pain of losing an unborn baby.#sss”


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