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Bookmark or bent page ?
Bookmark. HATE bent pages.

Have you ever been offered a book?
Offered a book contract you mean? No. Just books? Plenty of times.

Do you read in your bath?
Yes. When I soak in a warm bath in winter.
Have you already thought about writing a book ?
YES. Think a lot about it.

What do you think about books in several volumes ?
Love it! Love the waiting, the satisfaction… Love IT!

Do you have a cult book?
Not really. Not any one at least.

Do you like to re-read?
Yes. Do.
What about meeting or not with the authors of the books you’ve liked ?
I would like to. But not desperate.

Do you like to talk about the books you read ?
Oh yes. I can be quite annoying.

How do you pick your books ?
Reviews, recommends, inside flap.

Something you read, hard to confess ?
Some e-erotica πŸ™‚

Best places to read ?
Any place is a good place with a book. Best is on a long flight or train.

The ideal book would be…
Beautiful written, funny and have fantastic characters.

Read over people’s shoulders ?
When I used to help O read.

TV, computer games or book ?
Books, computer, TV.Β 

Read and eat ?
Yes, great appetite for both.

Read with music, in silence, whatever…
I can read anywhere
E-books ?
Guess that’s the future, need to get used to it.

Borrow or buy ?
Both. Have to buy because not many libraries here.

What book are you reading now – which one is coming next ?
Cold Comfort Farm. Then Long Walk to Freedom.

Have you already dropped a book ?
Yes, I do quite regularly. Some books aren’t just me.

What’s the first book you just fell in love with ?
Can’t remember. But definitely an Enid Blyton.


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