supershortstories!! ##

The first set are my #sss – twitter shortstories. The second set are from other tweets, that I really liked.
sss is quite interesting. try it on your blog if you don’t twitter.



she hides from both prince & glass slipper. Nursing a twisted ankle, she realises a life of highheeled torture was not really an escape.#sss6:28 PM Jul 21st from web

she was so wound up she was ready to snap. then baby smiles, pulls a string & uncoils her hormone by hormone. she is protected. for now #sss7:53 AM Jul 22nd from web

indispensable, he gloated. & he was, to the comp. invincible. till he ended up being both king & his only subject. this is mr PompASS’s #sss3:32 PM Jul 29th from web


she was either blunt or sharp, never in between. words sharpened by acid & blunted by anger. left with no friends she turned on herself #sss12:49 PM Jul 31st from web

P1:after hrs spent on friends’ blogs/fb pgs/albums, she felt like an edited out sideshow in a superhit. life seemed ptless, so THE END #sss

P2: & as she went she wept for pre-net era when everyone’s life was as dull or intrstg, when frnds cared to more than just like or cmnt.#sss5:23 PM Jul 31st from web

she sought pity thru a dying boyfriend. he died once too often. then she turned her imagination on the living. #sss of girl who cried wolf.27 minutes ago from web

***an old colleague thought I was talking about myself, didn’t realise it was a #sss tag. that hurt! ouch!


If I had to be congenitally disabled, couldn’t it have been…er…you know…down there? A growing NOSE? Bah!Pinnochio spat. #sss12:20 PM Aug 4th from web

The writing on the wall was clear. He would be leader. And then the cow began nibbling on the poster edge. #sss9:17 AM Jul 28th from web

He spent al day & nt tryin 2 express evrthing in 140 charactrs. “Gudbye” yelld his wife, slammin the door. “Perfect,” he thot. “Jst 6.” #SSS1:57 AM Jul 28th from web

Prince Charming stumbles in at 3 am: drunk, crumpled & slightly stoned. Cinderella yells, “Beast!” then thinks,”Crap. Wrong fairytale.” #sss5:58 AM Jul 22nd from web

He saw a leaf caught in the current. He threw a stone. It sank. “I’d rather drown by my own weight,” he thought, “than be swept away.” #sss2:04 AM Jul 23rd from web

When he began to smell, the passers-by took notice. He caught everyone’s eye. What he couldn’t do in life, he did in death. #sss1:23 PM Jul 21st from web

She wore shocking pinks, flaming reds, fluorescent oranges, garish greens – sometimes all at once. But the darkness of grief persisted.2:25 PM Aug 5th from web


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