No More Sweet&Sour

Just plain Bitter&Bitchy.

Now bitching at

If you are not from Doha, and a friend, you know how to reach me for some juicy, gossipy, mean, nasty posts.


15 thoughts on “No More Sweet&Sour

  1. Blogeswari says:

    I want … INVITE!

    I want… INVITE!

    I want… INVITE!

    ROFL at the name – please register this name before some tamizh cinema producer does it for his film / tamizh serial

  2. Deeps says:

    So you mean those who are from Doha are not allowed to be in that space,bitchumani?? I loved that name. Send me the invite,na(you’ve blocked it,you smart bichumani!)…would love to know how bitchy you can get!! you know how much I loooove to gossip,dont you?? 😀

  3. UmmON says:

    @blogeswari: how without you rouserani? your blogeswari id already added
    @rest: ooppps… doha too tiny a place. so am gonna play it safe for now. no doha residents or friends of doha residents 😉

  4. shyam says:

    Heheheh – I LURVE the blogname and please may I have access to it? I cant NOT have access to a blog with such a bitchin’ name! 🙂 PLS say I’m allowed!

  5. UmmON says:

    cowardly bitcher that i am, i will stick to those who know me well enough to forgive me my meanness, or who don’t know me at all, so don’t give a damn.

  6. blogeswari says:

    If you are not reading bitchumani, you are missing something in life, seriously!

    Damn the sugar-coated “mwah mwah” -giri on the blogs….ida ida ida [bitchumani] thaan naan edirpathen

    Umm – I am already wanting to create and design an award for you… ONLY for bitchumani… [yes same award like Butterfly, crocodile . lizard, most creative, best creatve that do the rounds]

    Super super…

    • UmmON says:

      oye, your embarassing and will probably land me in trouble. am contemplating editing your comment. will take a decision by this evening 😉

  7. Shyam says:

    augh, I still cant get into the site! 😦 Pls email me the login ID and password? (esp after Blogeswari’s comments, I’m DESPO to see it) 🙂

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