My miracle 6-day detox


I love doing stuff with my hands. And though the reader in me fights it, I relax better when my hands are busy.

Yet I would choose a book over an unfinished handwork.

I realised that it has been a good 5 years since I have spent time on handwork.

There was a time when almost every week, in the middle of the night, I would get into a baking frenzy and bake loads of cakes and distribute it to friends and neighbours.

Then work got crazy, I got lazy and O got into school – which meant ‘regular hours’ that I hate and find difficult to live with.

So when I decided to take off for 6 days, recently, to spend time with O (her summer break has just begun), I made a clear plan of doing something with my hands EVERYDAY.

So we baked, painted (or rather O did), did some recycling stuff, bowled. And we will continue, we have decided, through the summer break.

Since I am not the ‘unselfish’ type, I made sure everyday I did stuff for myself.

3 hours at the spa one day, bowling and lunch with some girlfriends, a movie, a tiny amount of time online scrabbling, bowling again with friends&family, slept in late… I spent barely anytime online or with a book. Of course I had my relapse moments of work obsession.

And that for me was a true break. I did go to the library and stacked up my reading shelf, but did very little reading.

I was on fb/twitter/blog/mail for a combined 40mts a day, not more. I read only at night, just before dozing off.

Anyways, the purpose of this blog post is to not only to boast about my half-baked creative skills, but to remind O in her ‘forgetful’ moments and future tantrums, that her amma is not as mean as she makes her out to be.

The break was so great in so many different ways.

It proved that practice doesn’t always make perfect. I am still the queen of the gutter, after years of (sporadic) bowling sessions. I still am pretty bad at this painting stuff, not that that stops me.

O is like her dad,when the TV is on, she is oblivious to everything around her. N is a LOT like me. Can’t watch a film without continuous jabber. Took her for Love Aaj Kal (technically her second film, but she slept through HP6), and when she was awake and could focus on the screen, held a rather loud conversation with Deepika Padukone. (How beautiful is that woman? The movie for me was so-so).

We stayed away from malls, and instead spent a lot of time doing stuff that matters. Like rolling around in bed and singing nursery rhymes, playing board games, cooking brunch for friends…

And I remembered, that pampering oneself is not an indulgence. It is the key to staying sane. Luckily for me, I had to ‘review’ a local spa, so pampered without denting my wallet, this time around.

That girlfriends rock. Thanks YA, SM, VV, CPA  for the laughs, gossips and general madness.

Even after the break, O & I have been indulging in art&craft stuff. For a change I am not getting hyper about the mess around me. I am just letting it be.

Next step forward I am going to get myself a sewing machine. I used to sew up some real ill-fitting skirts, kurta and salwars and wear them proudly when I was in college. My partner in crime was S (though she scored much better on creativity) and we even tried our hand at weaving (remember 1993, Mardi Gras?).

Now time to pay it forward and torture my daughters. Sew up some frills and laces.

Nothing works like a good detox. Take a break. FROM EVERYTHING. Don’t think. Just use your hands – in whatever way pleases you ;).


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