My Famous Dinner Bash!

A tag from Shyam

The rules are:

you can invite anyone, living or dead

you have a table that seats eight, but as you are one, you can invite seven people

you have to explain why you’d invite them

And for bonus points:
- what would you serve them for dinner?

I am thinking really hard about this, and can’t think of a single ‘real’ famous person I would like to have over for dinner.

Let’s just say I’ve had up to this with ‘famous’ people, and I know to have 8 of them in one room is not going to be a pleasant experience. I include myself in the list, as I can show as much attitude as a movie star or a Nobel laureate.

I would like to have some famous ‘characters’ over though, so if they irritate me I can just shut the book or switch off the film.

Carrie (not Bradshaw): One of King’s very real, very sad characters. I will invite her over to just make her feel included.

Severus Snape: Because he is one of my favourite characters in the HP series. He can do with some good food, and company that is between cheerful and dull.

Karna: Looking just like how Shivaji did in the movie. He will provide the oomph factor (the persona, not Shivaji) for the dinner. For me, he epitomises all that a friend should be.

Heathcliff (not the cat, but from Wuthering Heights): Easily the SEXIEST character in the classics. I love men like that. From a distance that is. But oh, how exciting to be loved like that, huh?

Rhett Butler: Closest to Heathcliff in American literature. Actually not. But such style, and a generous spirit.

Calvin: This rather morbid group requires fun. And he will do the needful I am sure. He will drive the rest nuts with his LOGIC. And he can bring along Hobbes, but he will not be counted as a person. Will leave that hallucination to C.

Barbie, Cinderella, Snow White and the likes will be waiting outside begging for an invitation. But there is only one seat reserved for a character I dislike, and that is already occupied by…

George Bush: He is a character, isn’t he? And when Calvin tires, he can take over.

The 8th is me.

The Menu will be chaats and short eats and lots of sweets and samosas. Tonnes of gulab jamun and kaju katli. All yummy, and all calorie-free.

Go on, tag yourself silly, and come up with your famous dinner guests.


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