please go to sleep

i know you can’t read this. you are too small to be threatened.

but when you are old enough to read this, i want you to know i even made a public appeal.

please just go sleep. it’s a challenge to continue finding you cute and adorable, after a month of sleep deprivation.

so just go to sleep, or as Russell Peters says, “somebody is going to get hurt!”

what happened to the baby i kept boasting about, who would sleep and wake and feed and be just so easy?

why can’t you play during the day? why is it at night you want us all up, with lights on bright?

why do you have to act up now in the 7th month, when you are supposed to act more mature?

so go to sleep, or you are going to live with one cranky mother.


5 thoughts on “please go to sleep

  1. sindhu says:

    Oh, she has finally decided to trouble her mom, is it?Here, Somya’s daughter, Shreya, too is an angel in the morning and keeps her away at night…and beautiful picture, catching up on all my fav blogs now…

  2. inbavalli says:

    Huh! Where’s the yummy mummy? You’re supposed to grin and entertain Her Highness at midnight. This is sacrilege.

    PS: I often begged my babies to sleep 24 hours 😦

  3. Teesu says:

    Do what I did. Steadfastly (keyword) stick to the rule: night time lights out and no noise/movement whether baby in the mood or not. Believe me in 2 days, she will get the point. However, you need to be ‘supposedly heartless’ and firm even with this small a baby. Anyway, it’s for her good. We creatures ARE designed to sleep the nights away. Perhaps, you have indulged both yourself and her a bit??:) That is CUTE but not anymore guess. So…my ‘umble suggestion is for the taking.:)

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