martyr menace

i can tolerate a b***h, i can tolerate a gossip, i can even tolerate a back-stabber, what i can’t tolerate is a martyr — who often is an annoying, snivelling combination of the three and a bit more.

I hate it when people take pride in being a doormat, in pretending that they are a victim, and a gracious one at that. Just zip it please!

At work, home, wherever… if you are a pushover, you ARE a pushover. No point making a virtue of it.

What really makes these people dangerous is that the machinations they use are always underhanded.

They bitch and crib and complain and whine, and then don’t stand up for themselves. Why? Because they are martyrs you see. They are saints who don’t fight back, who ‘forgive’ and carry on.

Imagine yourself the recipient of the Martyr’s self-glorification. Chances are your heart would trickle a drop, even if it doesn’t outright bleed.

Poor him/her, how large hearted.

I used to feel that way, every time one of these characters confided in me. No longer. Age, experience, a little bit of wisdom and over-exposure to martyrdom has made me wary of these ‘large-hearts’.


ps: this was not posted here by mistake. bitchumani will have more details shortly. this is just a gist of my angst.


6 thoughts on “martyr menace

  1. UmmON says:

    @blogeswari: my split personality is merging 😉
    @AM: hope you are not thinking of ‘n’, cos she has none of the 3 characteristics i mentioned. there are others.

  2. Teesu says:

    ‘Holier than thou’ is a phrase I often use, to lash out at some folks in utter irritation. Hmmm. A bitchumani may be in order for me too…you think?;)

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