lest i forget in the mad rush my life is now…

i am grateful for all the good things that happen to me

and thankful to all the people who make it happen

i feel lucky that i enjoy the opportunities i do, that i have the friends i do, that i have the family i do

and even when i feel i’ve hit rock bottom, i know that it won’t get worse

i believe in paying it forward… and i consciously do so

ok, so why do i feel the need to put down my gratitude?

because, the last few days i’ve been feeling particularly happy — one of my oldest friends has brought her little baby girl home

in her guarded rejoicing i could hear the bubbling excitement — so infectious

this may not seem like a particularly nice thing to say — but i do believe it’s important to keep away from chronically unhappy people; even if it means cutting out people who were ‘friends’

& if a ‘friend’ ends up making you feel low more often than high, time to go snip-snap with that relationship too

after some trial & error, i’ve realised that the only way to keep my fragile sanity in place is to surround myself with positive people

people who face hardship and testing situations with hope, not those who look at hopeful situations with suspicion and foreboding


4 thoughts on “lest i forget in the mad rush my life is now…

  1. Teesu says:

    Very true. but there do come times when it is difficult to practise this since it may mean letting down or ‘ditching’ a friend (the chronic unhappy). But hanging out with bubby, positive folks is like a refreshing breeze. No dispute there.

  2. Sonia says:

    You are right. Avoid unhappy people. They are unhappy by choice and habit. Some of my friends have gone through such difficult times, but did not turn all grumpy and bitter. On the other hand, have known some people (weird, all of them are female) who are never happy. Crib and whine and be negative all the time. Then there are others who are like little kids. Happy when they get something new or perhaps an outing. Now, they prefer to say they are lonely and bored. I say they are habitually cheerless.

  3. UmmON says:

    @teesu: def diff. but when it’s not a good friend, it’s easier.
    @sonia: oh yes, true. i know people who can influence you so much, that even if you had been high, you will feel terrible in no time.

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