flexitarian moi

well, that’s what i am

i am no longer the strict (ish — since eggs were included) vegetarian that i have been for the last 14+ years.

i am now a flexitarian — i am dipping into the gravy, and biting into the stray bits of dead chicks and the likes.

am not feeling as guilty as i thought i would. neither am i feeling all that great.

family is happy; O is happy; friends (some) are happy; R is not so, since he has only always known me as a vegetarian, not having the privilege of associating with the rabidly non-vegetarian me, many years ago.

so that’s news from my side, what’s new with you?


8 thoughts on “flexitarian moi

  1. Sonia says:

    We’ve turned almost- vegetarian! Almost being eggs and fish being an exception. But I tell you, I do feel different. And feel good. But then, it could also be all the potato juice and fermented malt that is excluded from our lifestyle πŸ˜‰

  2. shyam says:

    Guilt depends on why you gave up NV in the first place, no? I’m veggie by instinct and upbringing, but also an if-there’s-nothing-else-to-eat-i’ll-eat-chickenitarian. πŸ™‚

  3. Kamini says:

    Flexitarian….I like that. I guess that’s what I am, too. Vegetarian most of the time (for no reason other than the taste – the meat in the US where I now live tastes disgusting – bland and flabby – to me). I have no problem dipping into non-veg gravy, but I make sure there are no “stray bits of dead chicks” attached!

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