so sexy so soon

i’ve been hunting for a decent swimsuit for O. she has worn out her old one, and I want something without short sleeves, silly frilled skirt and long tights underneath. that much modesty for a 8-year-old is not required. neither is the immodesty of bikini sets.

bad enough that most children’s clothes is merely a miniature of what teens and young adults wear; now finding a proper swimming costume is quite a task.  unfortunately the sports stores are out of speedos of that size, and the other kids’ wear stores only have the ridiculous bikini set. even stores like Marks&Spencer have only this atrocity.  these are not even tube top bikinis. most have a proper adult bikini cut, like a bra.

seriously, how do people find it cute? it’s just beyond me.

it scares me, and there are times that i almost crap in my pants when i see the ‘sexiness’ of little girls. we are not even talking teens here.

one reason i did this interview is because i feel parents have almost lost the battle against marketers — there is no way parenting reasoning is going to win over Hannah Montana’s bling and Bratz’s booty!

ps: the title So Sexy So Soon is borrowed from the book whose authors were interviewed. the site is also well worth a visit.


6 thoughts on “so sexy so soon

  1. B o o. says:

    So true about parents losing the battle against marketers. Fog Gods sake, I could nt find rain boots for my 4 yr old girl which did nt have princess, dora or hello kitty in it! 😦

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