qatar surprises

…quite a few at that.

last weekend was good as we spent a good amount of time driving around Qatar.

the first evening with my friend it was towards Al Khor, off to Shimaisma.

friday was spent going northwest, towards Dukhan, Zikrit and Umm Bab.

what made it all the more interesting was the fact that i was behind the wheels. (have i mentioned that i LOVE driving. almost as much as i HATE warming the passenger seat.)  i schemed and plotted and got all the guys into one car, offering to cart the kids and the wives. worked like magic!

the beaches are not the kinds i ideally like and am used to — sandy stretches and strong waves.  still just the sight of the sea and some sand is good enough.

but the fun was in the journey itself, which included some offroad driving.

moments included:

to the embarrasment of the men, asking the occupants of a private tent/camp if we could use their loo. nothing can hold back a woman who needs to pee.

stopping traffic on the highway to photograph and enjoy a herd of camels that were crossing the road. while other vehicles tried to inch their way around the herd, we just stopped dead in our tracks cos both mums and kids were highly thrilled to see the herd.

the alpha male apparently showed some attitude to the ‘male’ car ahead of us. but was rather gentle with us, barring the scary jaws/teeth.

playing french cricket, and realising that i am so UNATHLETIC, that even if a sport required me to stay rooted in a spot i fail…

O is used to trips and outings, so good behaviour is a given. but N was an absolute brick. she loved the outing, and couldn’t hide her glee and had a ball. of course this trip was tame compared to the adventure last month when we took her dune bashing (she was strapped on to me), and she had her first feel of both the desert and the sea.

peeing in a public restroom on our way back and getting a ‘sniff’ of home. needless to say, that’s a sniff we could have well done without.

you should never send the guys out to do the shopping. they came back with tennis balls, cricket bats, umbrellas, frisbees; and totally forgot necessities like baby food and laban. the women were as usual well-prepared, so back up was ready.

i am sure there are atleast a few more dozens of kilometres of Qatar to discover. that’s for another weekend.


ps: there is this ‘thankful for’ thing going on fb/twitter. everyday you come up with something you are thankful for. i’ve done 4 so far… come on, take up the challenge. be grateful. it really makes you feel better.

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