what bugs you about email/tech etiquette?

i wonder about email/online/tech etiquette.

certain things are clear enough, but some are real confusing.

caps in sms-es or emails is either emphasis or just plain old screaming

you start mails with a salutation, you address the person by his/her name

you can relax some of the rules if it’s with friends.

but emails and texts are now an accepted form of formal/official communication. given that the mode of communication itself is curt and crisp, shouldn’t extra care be taken on the tone?

i receive on an average 150 emails a day. a lot if is sickeningly sweet and ‘correct’ PRs and requests. some are downright rude; and some are plain confusing. you can’t quite make out the person or the intention.

i am careful about passing judgements and jumping to conclusions (probably because i am prone to).

i understand that even face-to-face words and actions can be misconstrued. so chances of distortion are greater in an email or text.

still there are cases that bother me.

here is my crib list.

  1. for me, when i get mails without a proper address/salutation, it annoys me.
  2. when people send text in all caps, i wonder why he/she wants to be loud about the message.
  3. when people reply-all to messages that DON’T require it, it gets to me.
  4. i hate BCCs. it’s not FAIR.
  5. why the hell do people attach 8, 9, 15 and even 26mb attachments? it messes with the server, and hello, haven’t they heard of FTP sites? It’s free.
  6. and i find read receipts painful.
  7. i HATE it when people are constantly texting or are on calls while in a group. i don’t mind a one-off, or even a couple. but not if they are doing it the entire duration of a meeting or dinner.
  8. loud disco dandiya ring tones in hospital, theatres, and schools are not ok.
  9. there should also be a limit on the forwards you send. check with the recipients if it’s welcome.


so tell me what really pisses you off? i am all ears and eyes.







7 thoughts on “what bugs you about email/tech etiquette?

  1. Blogeswari says:

    1. But BCC is besstu for junta forwards ( I hate ’em too), we-are-all-one-kudumbam-blogger Junta mails etc. I suddenly found myself a part of one number blogger junta mailing list and it was one of those forever-sweet-to-each-other mommy blogger list.. ayyo ended up getting 5 reply-alls PER DAY for 10 days! worshttt, there was someone who replied-all with a “I am participating in XYZ contest… vote for me online” kinda stuff

    2. Forwards with “Send it to 100 others and get a smiley from GOD” , forwards where the sender hasn’t bothered to delete those >>> and delete the previous senders’ mail ds

    3. Forwards with .exe. or .ppts attached. WORSHTU!

    4. Parents of friends/ colleagues asking “Nee engalavaalaa avalaaaa?” even before you have entered their house. This has happened to me ALWAYS. Complete avoid [Thankfully namma dosths’ parents are maha sweet ]

    5. Crib-every-second colleagues. They do nothing but meet in canteens and whine – “Why is my life like this? I travel to office by car, I have a sweet boyfriend, great job, chamatthu parents..but why is my life like this ?”

    6. Bloggers who mudugu sorinjify each other. Am awfully tired of “wow! you are chooo chwweeet- you brush your teeth everyday… i salute you blogger! ” “wow… you farted so well in the blog!” comments within the mutual admiration society.


    • ummon says:

      @b: some of this we need to reserve for bitchumani and rouserani no? not really tech/email etiquette. but so true on 4/5/6. LOL on your farted well comment hee… some people think being saccharine sweet is nice, it’s ANNOYING. reality check please! more on bitchu, coming soon.

  2. Sunita says:

    top of the list are the urban legends that get forwarded before people verify the facts. Case in the point, microsoft giving out money (!!! best joke of all), YSR Reddy is worth mllion of rupees thru benami companes SRK’s supposedly palatial home all done up in gold – GROSS. Pl don’t fwd anything and everything without verifying.

    The most irritating ones are the ones wth cute pictures and then a warning at last that if u don’t fwd it to xxx no of pppl all this sweetness will not last..Since when did people become dispensers of happiness and misery???

    I find BCCs are good way of sending frwd jokes etc, not when used for official communication…. Read More

    I hate it when people use highlights in their email footers…. GRRRRR….

    People starting wars on email and then making the entire group a part of the war between two indivduals. We have enough fires of our own to put out… No Tx… And last, when you are part of a mailing group, pl send individual emails to the email ids of only that person. Eg, we have a yahoo group for our apartment complex and people send out emails like ‘i am putting up my aprtment for rent’ and some jokers will copy the entire group to ask ‘what is the rent u expect’… ok before this becomes a full fleged blog rather than a comment let me stop here…

    • ummon says:

      the bcc thing i meant when the recipient is not aware there is a lurker in the bcc. on private mails and such… i know some do this. and it’s not fair.

  3. shyam says:

    I hate all Santa Singh Banta Singh joke fwds. HATE. Lame and common-as-muck jokes that have been around forever are NOT welcome.

    Dont like religious fwds either – “Give thanks to GOD for all this” sorta sh*t, with every line in blaring 30pt rather than a decent reading point size.

    Dont like lazy forwarders – those who cant be bothered to delete previous emails/replies and lists of email addresses. One of these days I’m going to copy ALL those into a monstrously long and huge email fwd… and blame my breakdown on the most recent forwarder who didnt bother to delete all the crap. (I sometimes DO send fwds, but only to a chosen few and only if I’ve not come across the joke/photo before. And I always “clean up” the email so that there’s no extraneous junk.)

  4. inbavalli says:

    I hate emails with adhiradi-colourful flowers and supposedly cute animals. These are meant to cheer up the reader. I froth at the mouth.

    I dislike forwards with Powerpoint and PDF attachments. Aiyyo da! If it’s official, fine. Who wants to waste 10 minutes on a PDF doc that tells me I’ll die at 93 when a termite eats away my walking stick?

    I also hate long-story-forwards that have young girls dying and going to heaven. Most depressing. And very boring.

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