things that i wish were not associated with me

  • drooling in my sleep
  • snoring
  • losing my temper or what some people call – PMS – perpetual menstrual syndrome
  • eating because i am bored, lonely, happy, angry – just eating because i can
  • laziness
  • sunrise phobia (hate waking up with the sun)
  • need to be right, always (a mere misconception)
  • hang-ups for the asking
  • quick to find fault (almost always accurate in my fault-finding; but now that’s virtue)
  • certain ‘acquaintances’ (not strictly a thing, but if you meet some of them you will understand both why i dub them a thing & why i don’t want to be associated with me)
  • fb-itis
  • compulsive ear-digger, and buds won’t do. i use the rather violent metal version
  • snootiness (i prefer to socialise with those who can stimulate me; people who are smart, well-read and knowledgeable. that doesn’t mean me i am a snob — it only means i can’t suffer fools and their close cousins)

what are your private (and soon to be public embarrassments?) tag yourselves, and to kick off, i tag

shyam, teesu, inba, blogeswari mainly because i think/hope (as a certain Ms T would say) they will oblige.


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