i hate bollywood in schools


India has such a rich culture of folks songs, of dances and music that is not cinema-related, yet schools take the lazy way out and use film (Hindi at that) music for their cultural programmes.

O is in the school annual day function, and for the bit on festivals of India, every damn song is from a Hindi movie.

And worse still, most of the steps are that filmy-crap.

Yes, the children enjoy it. Love all that jazz. But I quite confident that they would be just as thrilled with other kind of programming. They are not even given the basic exposure to that part of our heritage.

At the nursery school she used to go to earlier, the teachers took such great care to introduce songs and stories from all over the country (and the world).  The effort was so visible, the results so wonderful.

Now it’s just lazy nonsense.


So this annoyed parent is going to go kick up a fuss.


14 thoughts on “i hate bollywood in schools

  1. Chatura says:

    i agree. It was a refreshing change at BPS yesterday. the annual day for KG had only one Hindi film song, and that was a prayer.
    But before the schools, you need to bring it up with some parents here who believe every party they throw needs to have Hindi numbers in the background; where you see children, as well as adults (horrifying!) repeating the poor and at times cheap choreography from the songs.

  2. Kamini says:

    Oh, please, kick up an almighty row! It irks me no end that for so many people (I live in New York, where the Bollywood Bhangra Workout reigns supreme) Indian music and dance=Bollywood. Here there are countless “Indian dance” schools and academies all teaching Bollywood dance. The parents – mainly Indian – and kids (naturally, the poor things have no other role models) lap it up. It is nauseating to see little girls dressed in teeny, shiny, cheap movie star type clothes, moving to Bollywood beats. After all, it is so much easier than learning classical dance, and comes across as just as exotic.
    Please, rave and rant. And let us know what happened.

  3. Vikram says:

    Yep. Indian culture now means Bollywood which means balle-balle and nasal Punju singers singing what matters to peasants from that side of the country. Yesterday, I overheard two Punjus from Bangalore tell their Punju brethren-and-sistren at a Delhi eatery that the dosa here was “Indianised” compared to the Bangalore version.

  4. kuppan_yahoo says:

    But we most of parents too encourage that culture as audience.

    Are we ready to admit our children to a school where film songs are not taught or practised.

    We compare with next house children school and admit our children too in that same school or a school better than that.

    Let us make the change from our home then in school, workplace, country.


  5. Deeps says:

    Yes its a sad state. Even more cringing is when children are made to wear skimpy clothes and taught those typical gyrating moves…arrrgghhh!!

    In a year Namnam will be going to a proper school. God only knows what she all moves she will bring back home then 😀

    Did you try putting forth your concerns to the school authorities? I’m sure we,as parents have every right to do that and they are bound to hear us aren’t they??

  6. desertmom says:

    I though I was one of the few minority who hated this bollywood invasion in schools……… hope your fuss forces some changes….

  7. inbavalli says:

    My kids’ school doesn’t let in bolly/kolly/tolly/molly songs. Even the dance steps are not filmy. But funnily, some of the kids, especially girls, wear Madhuri Dixit expressions – the pout and the works. Yuck!

  8. Jacob @ dance schools says:

    I don’t think it is a lazy way out. Bollywood lets India show off its cultural heritage by making it fun and interesting rather than get students to read it out of boring text books. If something is fun and interesting, you learn more from it.

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