Decades of my life… happy 2010

The last decade was truly eventful for me.

The 80s for me were distinctly unremarkable, even unhappy at times — my pre- and early-teen years.

The 90s were awesome; just year after year of fun and the unexpected.

Then the first decade of millennium — a period of growth and maturity. The real life.

There have been some great and not so great changes in my life and personality…

    • I became mommy 2 times over.
    • I went from being pleasantly plump to borderline obese.
    • And yet, I became confident of both how I look and who I am.
    • I continued a dream run in my career.
    • I’ve met more interesting personalities than I ever dreamt I could.
    • I travelled to 9 countries, dozens of cities/towns.
    • I started learning a new language but didn’t master it.
    • I broke my vegetarian lent after 14 years.
    • I learnt to cook — very efficiently and very well, I must add. Having proven a point, I stopped cooking.
    • My physical activity touched abmyssal levels.
    • I’ve became less critical of myself, more opinionated.
    • I’ve learnt to deal with people without losing my cool.  Bring them on — the racist, the idiot, the p****, the b**** — I can tackle them without stooping to their levels.
    • I also learnt the tricks of manipulation and politics; not to perform, but merely to get a better understanding. I am no saint, though.
    • I learnt to say NO.
    • I had my first jet lag.
    • I’ve become more accommodative of people — because that’s what mommies do to keep their kids happy.
    • I learnt to Kayak.
    • And to drive.
    • I bought a car
    • And a house
    • I started paying attention to money and savings. Hopefully, attention will translate to action this decade.
    • I started growing my hair, grew it to well below my shoulder. The lengthiest it’s ever been.
    • And then chopped it all off by the end of the decade.

As I said, it was an eventful decade. 2000-2009.

However, 2009 was really mixed for me, but as I look back I know for sure that I really need to focus on the silver lining more.

Through the year I have felt quite sorry for myself on several occasions.

When I ended up with the damn chikun gunya weeks before my due date.

When following a strict yoga and exercise regimen, I had to put up with 3 days of labour induction, and ended up having a c-section.

When little irritants were magnified to unreasonable proportions.

I was too self-obsessed to truly enjoy the wonderful like I have.

This is not a resolution, it’s a learning…

To appreciate and embrace all the good things in life. Right here. Right now.

Happy 2010.


3 thoughts on “Decades of my life… happy 2010

  1. ammani says:

    “This is not a resolution, it’s a learning…” hear hear!!

    Kick off the decade with a wonderful year. Happy new year!

  2. Hastobeme says:

    how kewl! Can relate v.well to them! I did a similar exercise on self too, but didnt pen it down…!
    And when did u break the lent?? didnt know abt that!!! Still a veg or not?

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