only commerce will let religions co-exist

Here is the proof of that:

A very Arab-Muslim design and memento, comprising an ancient Christian symbol – a fish eye medallion, and the Hindu pop star Pillaiyar (Ganesha).

I picked this up from the Doha Trade Fair from a Turkish stall. I am going to make regular visits to see if the stall still stocks these (shiva/parvathi, lakshmi etc are also available) or has been forced to take it off display.


3 thoughts on “only commerce will let religions co-exist

  1. Farwin says:

    oh no no….religions can co-exist in the real world too. Peaceful co-existence is soooo possible….have seen it over and over again. It’s not the common man who is incapable of co-exisitng it’s those KOL and rulers who benefit from war and conflict. It’s a very simple principle really – ‘come to common terms’ i.e. focus on those things that are common in religions….they have a lot more than many of us care to know.

  2. Sindhu says:

    Lovely piece and in a Turkish store in Qatar!
    after Singapore where the Buddhist and Christian Chinese, the Hindus and Muslims coexist and with so much respect to each other, my belief in mankind has taken a huge leap…
    It is the external forces with evil intention that makes religious harmony impossible.

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