At, from, about… school

Every day there is a funny story from school, that keeps us in splits. Oftentimes, O (8 years old) doesn’t find any of this funny, and is only recounting incidents or exchanges, as was. The last two Wednesdays (and 2 more to go) I’ve been going to her school to do a writing workshop with grade 6 students, and so I’m coming back with crazy anecdotes of my own.

Mr Honest

O: Maths teacher threw S out of class today.

Umm: Why?

 O: Because every time teacher enters the class he would say ‘oh! no’; so teacher asked him why he did that, and he said because her classes were boring.


Early lessons in genetics

O: Amma, H’s younger brother doesn’t look like her at all.

Umm: It happens…

O: He doesn’t look like her mother either. H and her mother look alike. But he has blue eyes, Barbie blond hair and light peach (sic) skin.

Umm: Maybe like her father?

O: No father also looks different.

Umm: But don’t go ask her all this…

O: I didn’t ask H… but M (O’s best pal) did



Autograph please, just in case…

After Wednesday 2

Boy 1: Ma’am, give me your autograph.

Me: Are you crazy, no…

Boy 2: Why not?

Me: I’ll give you when I’m famous.

Boy 1: But we won’t be able to meet you, if you are famous, no?

Me: No, don’t worry, I’ll meet you.

Boy 2: What if you don’t become famous?

Me: **Controlling hysterical giggling fit exits the class**



First impressions

O: Amma, I want to go to India forever, to be with ammamma, ammachi and everyone.

Umm: OK, but amma and appa have to find a job first.

O: Why?

Umm: How else will we live there, we need money right?

O: Can’t ammamma and all take care of us?

**sigh! Can’t then?**

 O: Amma, but will there be good schools in India.

Umm: Of course, all of us studied there, didn’t we?

O: So, not all schools there are like ‘orphanages’, is it?

(Her only visit to a school in India was when we went to provide lunch for a school for deaf and dumb children from neighbouring slums, so she assumed that all schools were that way.)


Let’s resurrect Roald Dahl, by daughter is upset

After immersing herself in a Dahl book (gifted by RenJay), that also had a bit of his biography at the back

 O: Amma, Roald Dahl is dead. So sad, amma.

Umm: He was very old O. It’s ok.

O: I know, but he has written only nine books, what will I do after I have finished all of those?

… to be continued


8 thoughts on “At, from, about… school

  1. Kamini says:

    Delightful! I wonder how the lesson in genetics story will develop over time….
    And I agree fully with O about Roald Dahl. My solution: when she has finished reading all his books – read them all over again! And again and again – that’s what I did!

    • UmmON says:

      that’s what she does. re-reads her books till she has it all memorised 🙂
      and i’m curious too, to find out how this genetics thing works out. very curious to meet family in question.

  2. Sunita says:

    so sweet – I liked all of them… Just wanted to share what my daughter (7.5 yrs then) had to tell me some months back. “amma we have two hearts.. one that pumps blood and one that says I love you’!! I was amazed at how she managed to process that piece of information…

  3. Sangeeta says:

    Kids!! I could do 3 posts on ‘happenings in my classroom’ daily if I wasn’t so busy or…verbally challenged..

    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

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