I do not want to say I told you so. But I will. I said it more than a year ago, here!

Courtesy The Hindu

Qatar is one of the worst human rights violators in the world. It has little or no immigration policies, at least none that treats human beings with respect. And the funniest? He did not even bloody apply for the citizenship.
He lives in Dubai primarily, has been commissioned to do work in Qatar and travels… but he didn’t ask for this.
Qatar does not give even visit visas to parents of its residents if they are over the age of 65. Oh no, one correction. Doesn’t give visit visas to parents of ASIAN/brown-skinned residents.
It also threw out the head of the Doha Centre for Media Freedom, Dr Robert Menard because he suggested bringing ‘the’ Danish cartoonist here for a dialogue.
Then there are only some 2000 more incidents to relates, but i won’t.
Yeah, right, this is the country that is going to protect freedom of expression.
I have tonnes of work piling up, but I can’t think of anything beyond this ridiculous travesty.
Qatar is known to buy what it cannot produce or build football players, weight lifters, athletes, tournaments… what or who next? Salman Rushdie to flag off a literary revolution? Maybe Sachin Tendulkar to kickstart their cricket team?
Even as I rave and rant about Qatar, the bottomline is: we, our country has FAILED! Miserable bloody fanatics won.


  1. uttara says:

    Enraged despondence. NDTV was seeking comments on whether India had failed MF or if it was the other way around! Even if you don’t like his work and object to them it is the failure of the country, not the other way around!

  2. Indian Homemaker says:

    I agree. A Democracy failed, and fanatics won. I hope he lives in peace and works in peace wherever he lives. I feel at this point he is above nationalities and citizenships now, can’t take undo the fact that he was born and worked in India – and I also wonder how does it make the fanatics feel better that he is now going to paint from another place? Do they own India?
    Thanks for sharing this.

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