Why do runway models look so angry, so sad?

Why do they never smile?

  • Are they being tortured by their agents? Starved?

  • Are they hungry?

  • Or have they dieted and exercised away the smile muscles?

  • Are the clothes too tight?

  • Is it because they are embarrassed by the atrocious clothes they are made to wear?

  • Or have they lost all their teeth due to the no-carb, no-calcium, no-nothing meals?

  • Is the make-up too heavy?

  • Perhaps they are worried about laugh lines and wrinkles.

  • Is it guilt for earning indecent amounts of money just to walk in a strange fashion, looking glum?

  • Is it the glare of the flashlights?

  • Is it altitude sickness? The incredibly high heels depriving them of oxygen…


Why, oh why, would you look like there are crabs in your pants when you are travelling the world, earning big bucks and are treated like divas? Why?!

What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Why do runway models look so angry, so sad?

    • Francois says:

      It doesn’t work. Why would anyone want to wear anything hanging from a depressed, emaciated, pissed off, expressionless body that looks like a dolled up corpse?

  1. Sujata Tarakesan says:

    Because the grumpy baby gets the milk. New saying:-) Fashion is more about ‘attitude’ than a positive attitude. Eh?

  2. Mala Balaji says:

    LOl.. cute article…:) If u r seriously asking… i think they r trying 2 portray an attitude… guess looking glum adds on 2 their glamour… i personally dont think so.. but perhaps its a common myth…

  3. Bairavi Vijay says:

    Sounds like my daughter when she is hungry:). It is because they are starving. As my paati would say when kids are angry/sad, “Nanna ookaathy vechu sothu utti uttaa ellaam seriyaa aaidum’; LOL!!!!!!

  4. Sunita Srinivasan says:

    cute article… my guess goes along with Bairavi’s… no food.. as in no sweets, no carbs – just air and water??? even if brett lee told me a hi if I was starved as them, I would be just as grumpy…all the money in the world but cant feast on the variety of food – they are to be pitied…

  5. Chinseng Chua Alpuertini says:

    Actually, the facial expression of the models depends on the designer or the creative director. Let’s say for example, Ann Demeulemeester(Paris). Most of her designs depict drama and culture; so basically she wants her models, to appear expressionless or angry(?) on stage; on the other hand, if you would look at Betsey Johnson’s(New York(?)) models, usually you would see them laughing or smiling at the audience on stage because she simply wants a fun-filled collection.

    The facial expression of the models is not by the will of the models alone(or their personal feelings during the show) its by the director’s/designer’s choice of mood for his/her show:)

  6. Francois says:

    Where do people wear the bazaar looking clothes that are shown in most of the fashion shows? The greater majority of the clothes look like Halloween costumes. I have traveled a great deal and have gone to some very stylish events and only recall “once” see one to these bazaar looking outfits and is was worn by someone with a full figure who looked like she was very uncomfortable.

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