mannequins with nipples, & what next?

I took this pic at a store in a local mall...


I don’t get this, why the eff should mannequins have nipples? I find it tasteless.

What next? Tampons or sanitary pads peeking 3 days a month? Maybe a stain on the white robe?

And during peak hours, the MAN-nequin in the next window could have a boner?

A couple of years ago, at Lulu, the mannequin actually had a bra (black) under the saree blouse (material pinned on). Some horny dummy-dresser for sure!

PS: This shop is some White something, and I can’t quite remember the name


9 thoughts on “mannequins with nipples, & what next?

  1. Deliah says:

    Noticed it too. Thought I was going mad whilst walking by…. LOL think the manafactures do it on purpose to get peoples attention. Guess, they were sucessful?!!!


  2. Sunita Srinivasan says:

    liked ur article – there is a limit to realism that is displayed out in the open… in the same vein it took a court order to stop sun news from broadcasting the filthy video repeatedly.. why don’t people have self imposed censorship – do we need viewers at the cost of decency???

  3. Suba Pradha says:

    hmm , giant shopkeepers too need a mock women’s nipple to draw ppl to his store, somthing that cant be done by the stuff sold inside the shop !!how much ads depend on women !!

  4. seetha rao says:

    Noticed this store in Dubai. Their scheme is working, getting all the attention, even from the women folk.

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