Don’t judge me by my posts: My job ain’t that fancy, my mind is full of doubts and am not half as good a mother as I claim to be.

Don’t go by my fb-life: I don’t really have that many friends, and the few I do have don’t all love me.

Don’t be impressed by my status messages: I am just pimping for attention.

Don’t be intimidated by my Scrabble prowess: Far more than the bingos I publish and the games I win, are embarrassments that fb kindly doesn’t publicise.

Don’t be taken in by my comments either: I really am not that concerned about other people’s lives or opinions, and am only trying to bring traffic into mine.

Don’t be a sucker to my compassion: Sometimes I am so bored with your sob tale I am sleeping with my eyes open; And other times, as I nod and shake my head, I am only exercising my neck, ‘cos I really don’t care.

Don’t be a martyr with me: Because I sure will treat you like a doormat.

Dont’ give yourself too much importance either: It’s almost always about ME.

Don’t go by what you read, see or hear. In the dark alleys of my mind and within the walls of my home, I have a real life. Unfortunately.


7 thoughts on “DON’T, PLEASE DON’T

  1. UmmON says:

    From FB

    Anil John We knew it all the while…question is, did you?
    21 hours ago ·
    Vani Saraswathi not everyone is as smart as(s) you anil.
    11 hours ago ·
    Anil John Sure, Miss Vani(ty)!
    8 hours ago

  2. Anjali says:

    I see what you mean! Some time back a friend wrote on fb why everyone is trying to be so smart in their status messages, haha.

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